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John Denny - Executive Director

Amy Schumacher - Grant Writer / Administration Manager

About Us

The Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center focus is on providing training opportunities for Alaskans to enter into registered construction apprenticeship programs for careers in the oil and gas, and construction industries. The  Center offers training programs structured to meet market demands in all sectors of the Alaska’s oil and gas industry, including the construction, operation and maintenance of mainline pipelines, gathering lines, pump stations, flow stations, gatherings stations, compressor stations,  and the construction and operation of oil and gas facilities.

The Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center Trust is a labor-management trust organized exclusively for educational purposes under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are recognized as a Regional Training Center by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

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Our Mission

  1. Provide Alaska a modern training facility and field site for delivering courses and demonstrating skills associated with building and maintaining oil, gas and pipeline infrastructure.

  2. Train new and current workers through industry-based courses for pipeline trades and occupations.

  3. Provide a central location for industry certificate training to meet worker environmental, occupational safety and health, equipment operation and product application requirements.

  4. Provide training space for educators to provide instruction to students following career paths associated with work in the oil, gas and pipeline industry.

  5. Work with industry employers, trade unions, apprenticeship programs, native organizations, state and local government and vendors to meet pipeline training demands.

  6. Outreach and recruitment of Alaskans into certified training and apprenticeship programs, with emphasis on the recruitment and training of rural Alaskans.

Our Staff

Learn more about pipeline training opportunities and careers:

Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center

P.O. Box 74313
Fairbanks, Alaska 99707
Telephone: 907-455-1234
Fax: 907-455-1235
Contact Us

John Denny

Executive Director

Amy Schumacher

Grant Writer / Administration Manager

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